Mobile Number of Doctors Regarding Counseling for Common Diseases,

25/04/2020 - 17/05/2020
District Amroha

In Amroha district, the following Doctors are being nominated for providing information / advice regarding common diseases with a view to prevent the epidemic of Covid-19. The following mobile numbers can be called at any time and can get medical advice.

S.No. Doctor Name Specialist Hospital Name Mobile Number
1. Dr. Vinay Bhargava Physician District Combined Hospital Amroha 9837491969
2. Dr. Surendra Kumar Senior Medical Officer Munni Devi Government Women’s Hospital Amroha 9456946340
3. Dr. Pranjal Mishra Physician District Combined Hospital Amroha 7599338756
4. Dr. S.K. Chaudhary Orthopedic surgeon Chaudhary Nursing Home Amroha 9411836299
5. Dr. B.S. Deval Physician Mithali Hospital Amroha 9760049065
6. Dr. Pankaj Badal Ophthalmic Surgeon Sharp Eye Vision Center Amroha 8449391100
7. Dr. Shakeel Farooq General Surgeon Shakeel Nursing Home Amroha 9837250433